How We Generate One B2B Business £21,000 In Sales Every Week With Just £297 Spend

Lots of people have been asking us how we generate B2B companies so many leads at such a low cost. For the first time ever, we have decided to share our secrets.

Step 1 – Connecting On LinkedIn

Before the world of online marketing emerged, networking was one of the best ways to meet prospective new clients. LinkedIn has not only taken networking online, but if done correctly, you can automate and scale your networking efforts ten fold. The first step is to identify people in your target market on LinkedIn using LinkedIn’s search filters, then invite 100 people per day to connect. Any more and you risk LinkedIn restricting your account. Any less and you’re leaving leads on the table.

Step 2 – Extracting Data

The second step is to extract the data of your new connections down into a spreadsheet. Make sure to extract the email address, name, job title and company name of each person, so that you can later use those fields to personalise emails that you send to them. Most people achieve a 25% acceptance rate (approximately 150 new LinkedIn connections per week).

Step 3 – The Introduction

When someone accepts your invitation on LinkedIn, they give you permission to access their profile, their information and implied consent for you to contact them. The third and final step is to send an email to your new contact. Now, this isn’t an invitation to add them to your mailing list and spam them into oblivion. Keep your message short, sincere and relevant. Make sure that you personalise each message, using the data extracted above and don’t be too pushy. The key here is to open a conversation and get your foot in the door. It takes time to build report and trust before you can mention your products and services.   We do this successfully for companies all over the world, generating hundreds of leads per week. As an example, we get one successful client 20 responses per week, 6 of those book a sales meeting and 2 go on to become customers. That client runs 3 LinkedIn campaigns with us simultaneously, using 3 LinkedIn seperate accounts. That’s 60 responses per week, 18 sales meetings and 6 closed sales for the company. With an average customer lifetime value of £3,500, that’s £21,000 per week in sales from a service that costs them just £297 per week.   Want to see if it can work for your business? Head to linkedhacker.com and schedule a demo.

Lee Betts

B2B Lead Gen Expert Founder at LH

LinkedIn Automation – hands down the #1 B2B Lead Generation Tactic Of 2018

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