How We Increased Our Revenue By 300% In 3 Months Solely Through ‘Networking’

Okay, so I have something to admit.. When I say networking, I don't mean dragging yourself to a 6am 'business networking' breakfast with the same 15 'business people' every week who have no interest in what you do. Whilst traditional networking isn't dead, it's very unlikely you'll ever grow your business by 300% in 3 months that way. Fortunately for you, there's a new form of networking on the block, and it's much more scalable. You may know it as LinkedIn. You see, most people don't see the true power of LinkedIn. But when used right, LinkedIn is without a doubt the best B2B lead gen tool of the 21st century. Picture this. There is a networking event in your city, and there are going to be 20,000 people at the event, and every single one of those people is in your target market. Every single one of them match the exact job title, company size, industry, seniority etc of your perfect client. Now imagine that I could personally introduce you to every single one of those people, and give you a chance to chat to them. How many of those 20,000 people do you think would be interested in hearing about your product? And how many of those people do you think would buy your product? Well, with LinkedIn, you can do exactly that. Okay, you can't go and meet all 20,000 people in person, but you can drop them an email, and you can befriend them, and many of them may even let you show them your product. "But we've tried cold email before and it just doesn't work" I hear you say. Let me ask you this. In that first cold email you sent to your prospects, did you try to up-sell yourself or your product? My bet is yes, and that is where you are going wrong. You wouldn't walk up to a prospect at a networking event and open the conversation with "Hi I'm John, and my company XYZ can save you time and money by reducing your blah blah blah...". First, you would introduce yourself, get to know the prospect, befriend them, flatter them, then at the right moment, then you might subtly begin to introduce your company and your product. And that's exactly how successful cold email works. You have to take a warm, friendly and subtle approach to win people through cold email. We used this exact approach to grow our business by 300% in 3 months this year, and we use the same approach to generate over 100 different companies in 15+ industries 10-20 warm leads every week. Want to see how we do it? Book a FREE demo with one of our LinkedIn experts today >>>   Book A Free Demo      

Lee Betts

B2B Lead Gen Expert Founder at LH

LinkedIn Automation – hands down the #1 B2B Lead Generation Tactic Of 2018

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